In January 2003 my dad broke with his long stubborn tradition of proudly driving modest, well-maintained, older economy cars. Maybe it's a sign of him becoming an old man (?) but this is our new family car. A pearl white Lexus GS300 with many great features. This is the first time I've driven in a car so absolutely quiet while rolling down the road at any speed. Here are some details of the car and a collection of photos. Click to enlarge.
Lexus GS 300. Country of manufacture: Japan
6-Cyl. 3.0 Liter engine Rear wheel drive 5-Speed Auto (ECT-i) transmission
Leather interior Dual power seats, heated Moonroof
Chrome wheels Rear spoiler Dual front and side airbags
Traction control / anti-skid 6 disc CD sound system Anti-lock braking system
Power everything
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